Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Chase

This is another collage in my iris series.
The iris print is on a advertisement for a diamond wedding ring. The ring is probably not immediately recognizable to the viewer.
The diamond ring and the idea of it's importance was my motivation for this collage.
The background red color of the collage was created to closely match the background color of the advertisement. I wanted it to be hard to see where the print ended and the background started. For me this is symbolic of the chase for the diamond ring. The chase itself becomes so consuming that you can not see what is real and unreal.
I added the frame to the iris print. For me this underlines the idea that we can frame almost anything in our lives and make it look like something it is not.
I added the distressed woman from a vintage magazine.
Most of the collage is covered with handmade paper than contains fabric fibers. This adds to the symbolism of the piece.
The title, "The Chase" provides some hint to the viewer, but really allows the viewer to create their own story.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Speech Of The Angels

This is another collage in my iris series.
For this collage, I printed the iris on the background support rather than an additional piece of paper.
I placed all the found paper in layers on the other side of the collage. This orientation creates layers of meaning that appear to contain the iris.
The contrast of all the paper and bare background is hardly noticeable due to the design of the iris.
The found papers are a collection of items that I think help to communicate the "things" of life. The found paper with the phrase "The Speech of the Angels" provides the title and implies the meaning. The angels are talking to us telling us to slow down.