Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sadie Hawkins

Every Year my High School would hold a Sadie Hawkins Dance. This event provided an opportunity for girls to invite guys. It was the one time that it was OK for a girl to be assertive enough to ask a boy on a date. It was permission to step outside the safety of waiting to be asked, and do the asking. It was a chance that he was just to shy to ask you, so if you asked him, and he said yes, it would end in magic.

The young girl in collage holds her large diamond dressed hand to her neck. She seems fragile and unsure. I think she seems unsure of her future as a married woman, even though she sports such a magnificent promise on her ring finger. The found text "Sadie Hawkins" introduces the viewer to idea that the women's desire is commanding. The layered paper add a sense of tension and complexity. The other text simply states, "The Substance of Things Hoped For". I tore the collage in half because the continued hoping takes a toll.