Friday, December 22, 2006

Alone, but Thin

About a 2 years ago, I completed a series linocut prints. The prints were very simple female forms. Each form was intended to symbolize the different shapes of the female body. The figure that stands just left of center is my thinnest female form. She appears fragile in her thinness. Her head sits gently on the top of her shoulders her upper body barely attaches to her lower body, but she is thin. She looks vulnerable and isolated.
This collage is made of only 4 pieces of paper excluding the support watercolor paper. I tore each piece and layered them.
I think the laying creates complexity and questions. I used a glue that would create wrinkles in the paper. This added texture adds to the complexity.
Being thin, can not be what this life is all about. There has to be a pursuit of something other than the ideal body image.