Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Put Things Away Clean

This my fourth collage for The 9th International Collage Exhibit and Exchange.
I found this advertisement in a very old magazine. It adds the title "Put Things Away Clean" to this collage. The found blocks of paper add contrast and sense of complication and layeredness. The bottom most piece of paper us a magazine picture of a wedding dress.
The other piece of text tells of the hemlock tree. Hemlocks are poisonous. Hemlock is the purported poison used in the state commanded suicide of Socrates.
The contrast of these 2 thoughts fascinate me. I placed the dark red as the dividing line between the two thoughts.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Strange Interlude

This my third collage for The 9th International Collage Exhibit and Exchange.
The inspiration of this collage was the found paper of a young woman lying on a bed. The bed appears to be in an isolated cabin. I found the old text "Strange Interlude". The phrase seemed to immediately fit the picture. I placed the large square of black paper behind the image to add a sense of mystery and darkness. The other test says, "Look around NOW and choose the nearest exit to your seat." For me this emphasizes a desire to escape the strange interlude.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Did It Myself

This my second collage for The 9th International Collage Exhibit and Exchange.
The phrase "I Did It Myself" stands as the only text in this collage. The viewer might assume that the veiled woman did it herself, or did the woman in the provocative attire do it herself?
I wanted the collage to be all about questions. I wanted the viewer to provide all the answers.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Grand Rush Has Been On

I created this collage as part of my submission of for the 9th International Collage Exhibit and Exchange.
The title and inspiration came from the piece of old letter. I have torn the letter in many pieces. The piece included in this collage contains the words "Since school began the grand rush has been on".
I read these words and thought of the rush many people are in to accumulate trophies. Some of these trophies are materials, while others are people.
The dark paint background provides a dark premonition, while the picture of the young woman and the jeweled paper hint of the allure of the trophies.