Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now Open For Visitors

This collage is #3 in the postcard series.
The postcard is oriented at the bottom on painted background. The background has a lace appearance because of a wax resist.
The postcard was the first piece of found paper added to the collage. The other pieces of paper were added to provide interest and detail.
The different layers of paper as well as the detailed background provide a great deal for the viewer to interpret. I used this activity to symbolize the amount of information, events, and commitments that can consume a modern woman's life.
There is pattern, texture, and color layered and competing for the viewer's attention. I used the pattern pocket to be a barrier from the woman.
She is so together. She looks almost perfect. I was struck by the contrast to the amount of stuff she stands beyond. I added the paper that provide the title "Now Open for Visitors" To communicate the idea that so many woman think that their lives have to be perfect before they can open it for visitors.