Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Lose It --- Use It

This collage is part of my collage card series. You see the post card tucked behind two pieces of found paper. The label provides the title of the collage "Don't Lose It -- Use It".
I started the collage with a painted background with tissue paper and a found image from a book. I added the image of the gentleman for interest. The image of the women is transferred using matte medium. This technique lets you see the gentlemen through her. I think this provides interest and to me contains a message of transparency. Transparency can be positive or negative. The card, black paper, and envelope flap were layered last for additional interest and meaning.
I was intrigued by the message on the flap. The flap could be worth money to you. If you don't use the flap, you will lose the flap.