Friday, April 10, 2009

Cut A, B

I love self confident women. I love the sense of mystery and power that they exude. I think that a powerful woman has a certain undeniable magic. It is like everyone knows how hard it is and they somehow listen. Isn't that what power really is. . . the power to make everyone listen.
This collage pictures two very different women. Both women have a sense of self confidence and mystery. They could be mother and daughter. The collage has a painted background with distressed colored wax (crayon) . I layered different found papers to create a rhythm and interest.
Since this is a collage in my iris series, here it is, again.
The title paper is from a sewing pattern. This paper is great stuff. It is nearly transparent when glued. The palette is just wonderful. This one is in a frame hanging on my wall.


Blogger Debrina said...

I think I'm officially your groupie. I love this picture and what you have to say about self-confidant women. I think I can finally say that at 38 years, I finally have the total confidence in who I am, what I do, and where I'm going. B4 that, the media had a lot to answer for. I also finally read the beauty myth in my late 20's. Wish I'd read it sooner.

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