Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Old China

I created this collage during an event for a small town near me.  The town hosts local artists.  I enjoy the event as it gives me a chance to watch reactions to my work.  It also forces me to use just the paper I take with me.  I take small stacks of paper and create collages throughout the evening.  This is my real challenge use just the paper in the several stacks that would fit in a small box.  This collage is on watercolor paper rather than matboard.  It has layers of found paper that provide interest and color.  Once I got the collage home, I knew it needed something.  The palette was flat, and there was not enough interest.  I added the transfer image.  I love the image of this woman.  She is intriguing.  The transparency of the transfer technique adds to this element.  The collage has this juxtaposition of old and new, organic and inorganic.  Look beyond.


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