Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Equally Wicked

I have had this picture for months and months and months. It was one of those images that I just can not let go. It was on a table in my studio for that time. I would see it from time to time in stacks of paper. I found this poem with the had written commentary Equally Wicked and knew this was the beginning of a collage.
The support of the collage is painted and distressed. The other papers are there to provide some texture and some interest. I spray painted the texture with a stencil to add some interest and lead the viewers eye.
It is so interesting to me that the commentary point to a lawyer and priest being equally wicked. I feel like somehow this woman understands that they are equally wicked. Her response is demonstrated. I intentionally created the worn and wrinkled appearance to suggest her torment and struggle.


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