Saturday, December 08, 2007

So Young So Lovely

I found the Vintage advertisement with the text "So Young So Lovely [Until She]" in an 1950s magazine. I was so struck by the idea that over 50 years ago women heard the message that physical beautiful was something a woman should be working toward. The text became the motivation for the collage. I added the music as symbolic of the rhythm of the constant refrain of society that a woman be physically beautiful.
I removed the head of the women to emphasize my point. The found papers provide balance and interest.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


This collage is another Iris collage. Although you can not tell, it is larger than all the other iris collages. It's larger size allows for larger images. I took advantage of this fact by using a larger image of a young modern woman. The magazine image was cut across the top of her hat. It used a white oil stick to add the missing piece of hat. I love that she has the hat tipped so deep that you can not see her eyes. I added the vintage advertisement for contrasting content. Image of the American lady in her hat is so different from the modern woman. The fact that the add is for corsets add additional contrast. The layers of found and made papers add depth and distance.
The found paper with the word "Conspicuous" adds texture, and interest. It also suggests the meaning of the collage.