Monday, September 25, 2006

Combing Makes the Difference

The image of this woman leaning forward was so intriguing to me.
I love her pose, it suggests such confidence. I think the red in her dress communicates a kind of assurance.
I loved the contrast between the red in her dress and the background. I decided to use the same color for the background of the collage. I added the textured paper and red paper for balance.
The text is more about a block of color and abstraction than about the words.

The found paper, "Combing" Makes the difference provides the meaning and the irony to this collage.
There is no amount of combing that can provide the kind a self image this woman exudes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The textured background, the color palette, and the splattered paint create drama in this collage.
The single bolded word, Hatchet communicates volumes. It communicates not only a common tool, but the violent nature of the tool.
The next layered paper contains the word Flowerless Plants. To me this phrase is referencing the women that has no children. The small child provides the hint. The hand writing symbolizes time.
The poem reads"
"Though we are weak and sinful
And wander far astray,
Thou dost in loving-kindness send
New blessings day by day.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Of Sweetly Spiced Souls

When I start a collage, I never really know what it is going to look like.
I can start with an idea or a image, and suddenly the collage has taken a turn that I did not suspect. It takes on a life or a persona of it's own.
This is just what happened with this collage.

I started with a yellow mustard watercolor background and the found papers on the left. The iris is from a lino block I carved. Once this had been placed the idea of using the torn old label as a frame could not be denied.

The bridge is a wrapper of chai tea with the words,
"Of Sweetly Spiced Souls"