Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't Fool With A Chill

Another Iris Series Collage . . .
This collage was inspired by a picture from a modern fashion magazine of a woman a green and black dress. The contrast between the black and green as well as the graphic nature of the dress drew and kept my attention.
I created the background with layers of crayon that I melted and distressed.
I added a iris linocut in the same organic palette.
The vintage tag has nothing written on it, implying emptiness.
The vintage photo was perfect for the palette. Her facial expression is priceless, and lead me to the vintage text "Don't Fool With A Chill" that provides the title.
The phrase was so instructive, and personal. It is not wise to fool with a woman's chill.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yet another collage in my iris series. I can not get enough of this linocut or the image of the flower.

The iris in this collage is literally framed with vintage and found paper. It gives the allusion of a large painting hanging on the wall of a cafe where a young woman waits.

The found Text "Chicks" provides not only the title, but also the idea of youth and naivete.

The was one of my first experiments in cutting the form out of the surrounding paper.

Monday, August 06, 2007

What a Pity

This another collage in my iris series. In this collage the iris takes the center stage. The layers of a vintage Literature book symbolize leaves. The red rice paper adds some dimension, while the patterned vintage paper provides some interest and repeats an organic feel. The vintage text, photograph, and iris linocut provide are behind a beautiful flowered rice paper.
I was drawn to this vintage text. The girl vows she will never marry again, and he predicts she will be married within a year. Everyone else says "What a Pity". I feel like I have witnessed this very scene may times in my life.